Fine Pyrography by Steve Hewer


The term pyrography means 'writing with fire' from the Greek words Pur (fire) and Graphos (writing).

Welcome to the Redwood Mouse Studio where pyrography is the exclusive art form.



0143-2021-Capitol Building - Feature.jpg
0139-2020-Chateau Frontenac -
0144-2021-Manhattan Bridge - Feature.jpg
0138-2020-The Causeway - Feature.jpg
0124-2020-St Pauls - Feature.jpg
0137-2020-Palace of Westminster - Featur
0136-2020-Streets of San Francisco - Fea
0142-2021-Neuschwanstein Castle - Featur
0135-2020-Maman Nat Gallery -
0140-2020-Eros Piccadilly Circus - featu
0141-2020-Cathedral of Santa Maria del F
0133-2020-Library of Parliament - Featur
0114-2019-Grand Canal Venice-feature.jpg
0134-2020-Amsterdam - Feature.jpg


Steve Hewer

It was the summer of '17 when I first bought a cheap wood burning set from my local store.

Newly retired and seeking a hobby, I sketched and burnt on any piece of scrap wood I could find.  After a few weeks, I was hooked.

No fusion of colours, no interpretations into abstracts, just sketching and burning what I see and trying to make it look real in sepia tones.

I upgraded my toolkit to improve the quality of my work.  That's me in the photo using my Razertip to create Jed the Alsatian.  That picture is now in Tasmania.

The maple hardwood I use requires high heat; over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective.  I call it 'sketching with fire.'   It takes a lot longer to produce a picture on hard maple over softwoods but the effort is definitely worth it.  Best tools and best materials and no excuses.

Creating fine pyrography to me is like escaping into a good book and not wanting it to end.  You know the feeling.

Thank you for browsing the Redwood Mouse Studio.  I hope you enjoy my work.


Please send me a message if you have any questions about any of the pictures.